The Truths and Half-Truths About Score88poker and Online Poker

Maybe you have heard about us, felt our presence, or perhaps you haven’t heard about us at all. It’s okay, but our bet is, you should have heard about us. Those wondering what animal score88poker is, well, we aren’t any ordinary animal. We are an animal that offers fun, great games such as Omaha, Dominoes, Ceme, Capsa, Ceme Around, Super10 and the Poker. By searching, you get a chance to interact with us either through support or through opening an account, enjoying a 10% new member bonus of your first minimum deposit of 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) and enjoying five great but competitive games.

How we came to be

For so many years since the invention of poker and its evolution, it has been just a game for the rich in the casinos. But score88poker after seeing the need, they tapped in and came up with a way of meeting the high demand and thirst for real poker money within Indonesia. This demand cuts across genders, and from people of all walks of life. Poker games have by date evolved into a lucrative gambling game and establishing a distinct class of its own. And currently, we are proud to say that we are the premier Indonesian site for online poker games.


The experiences worth deriving

As a player of any kind of game including poker, you always want to test your skills, strategies, and abilities by playing with the best to gauge their capabilities. With winning comes a fantastic feeling and the rewards too make the win worth every effort. All poker players wish to experience Atlantic City or Las Vegas, but with score88poker you don’t need to spend your money or waste your time because we are Atlantic and Vegas combined. With skills, strategy, and luck, gambling at our site becomes exciting and thrilling. People are scared and don’t believe they can play real money poker online. Yes, it is true, there are countless online poker sites, and most of them allow people to play their free games, and no real money is involved. These games, however, are just virtual since none of the winnings can be cashed out.

However, through our platform, we tell players that they are under no obligation whatsoever to play for real money. But when you create an account with us, and you want to play for real money. At score88poker, you will be treated to a wide variety of tournaments, bonuses, and games that are available for you 20/7.

How to contact us

In case you have a question or a suggestion, you can reach our support team easily via Our presence is on various social media platforms such as LiveChat, through a call, BBM, Yahoo Messenger. You will find us there, and our professional and passionate team will address your concerns and advice accordingly any day or time.

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